24-hour care at home — consistency and comfort in COVID-19 times

Published: Tuesday 5th January 2021

With all the uncertainty and changes around COVID restrictions and tiers, live-in care stands out as a consistent and comfortable form of care.

Live in care worker and client

If you’re looking to arrange care for someone in your family who dearly wants to stay in their own home, live-in care could be the perfect solution. Your loved one continues to live at home, a place where they feel safe, with familiar surroundings and the routine they’re used to.

A professional and experienced care worker moves into a spare room in your family member’s home, providing support around the clock. And you get the reassurance that there’s someone on hand to help 24/7. This is especially helpful if you live far away, in a different tier and/or under tight coronavirus restrictions.

All-round support

A live-in care worker can support your loved one get washed and dressed, move around the house, go out to appointments and prepare nutritious meals.

But it’s not just about personal care or making sure your loved one is taking their medication at the right time. Live-in care is also about emotional support. It means there’s always someone to talk to or share a joke and a meal with.

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We all know how important human connections are. But we also understand that for someone who has been living by themselves, having someone move into the house can be a big change. However, time and again clients and their families describe what a positive step live-in care has been for them.

When we asked our clients for feedback in our 2020 satisfaction survey, the responses included:

Esther is a treasure. She looks after my father as if he were her own.

Joseph is simply magnificent. In these unprecedented times, there is no-one I would trust to look after dad other than Joseph.

She has my dad engaging again.

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Tailored and person-centred live-in care

Having someone on hand for 24-hour care at home means your loved one doesn’t need to be uprooted if their care needs change. We tailor our live-in care service to your family member’s particular situation. Our aim is to support people to stay at home for as long as they want. Needing more complex care doesn’t necessarily mean having to move into a care or nursing home.

Using live-in care to give you a break

We can provide short-term live-in care too. Maybe you’ve been caring for a parent in their home for a while and feel you could really do with a break. We can help.

Our experienced care worker will take over the reins for as long as you need them to. With someone to support them in their own home, there’s no change to your parent’s routine. You, meanwhile, get the time and space to recharge your batteries.

Dementia care at home

Because live-in care means you can stay in your own home, many people choose live-in care for a parent who is living with a form of dementia. There’s less change and disruption to a familiar routine than there would be if they moved out to a care home, for example. People living with dementia also benefit from being surrounded by memory prompts and possessions that can help to start conversations and reminiscence.

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