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Quality standards

We use a number of methods to help us provide the best quality of care possible to our customers.

1) Fully managed and regulated

We are proud to be a fully managed and regulated service under the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We are dedicated to being open with current and future clients by working with the CQC to give assurance that we are held to high-quality standards and held accountable for those in our care.

What does fully managed and regulated care mean?

In simple terms, a fully managed and regulated service is monitored by the CQC and is held accountable for the care that is given by their care workers. With other alternatives, such as introductory services, the care workers are self-employed. This provides less protection and guarantees for the same price.

Regulated service

  • Held accountable for the actions of their care workers by the CQC
  • Subject to spot checks by CQC
  • Employ their own care workers
  • Provide specialist training to their care workers to meet the needs of those in their care
  • Can work with local authorities providing care services
  • Full DBS checks on all employees and updated checks throughout their employment

Non-Regulated Service

  • The responsibility of the care falls on the individual taking out the service
  • Uses self-employed care workers
  • Do not provide specialist training
  • Can not work with local authorities
  • DBS check conducted at start of employment but not regularly checked
There is a common misconception that a fully managed and regulated service is more expensive than non regulated care, but in most cases, it is equal in price, if not cheaper. By choosing a fully managed and regulated care service, like Agincare, you are given the security that you or your loved one will be given high-quality care and the reassurance that there are procedures in place under the CQC to ensure the health and well-being of everyone in our care.
Choosing a non-regulated service may seem like the quicker, easier choice initially but in the long run, you are given little to no protection and no assurance of receiving high quality care.

2) Listening to our customers

We use an external third-party system called Trustpilot to regularly seek reviews from our customers. This provides invaluable feedback that helps us continually improve the service that we provide. As of March 2019, based on 80 reviews, 90% of our customers rated us 'Excellent' or 'Great'.

As part of our 'Believe in Good Care' campaign, we are also delighted to get dozens of compliments from our customers every month.

An annual listening survey is also carried out with our live-in care service users and their relatives, as well as to health care professionals. In 2017 we sent out over 240 surveys to our service users and recived a 27 responses. Detailed below is the summary of our findings which shows a continued year on year improvement.The results from our annual 2017 satisfaction survey sent to 240 service users were as follows:

  • 89% strongly agreed or agreed that they were satisfied overall with the service they receive
  • 96% strongly agreed or agreed that they felt comfortable and safe with their live-in carer
  • 96% strongly agreed or agreed that they were treated with politeness and respect by their live-in care worker
  • 89% strongly agreed or agreed that they would recommend a friend to Agincare if they needed care
  • 86% strongly agreed or agreed that the service they receive helps them feel in control of their daily lives
  • 81% strongly agreed or agreed that the service they receive improved their quality of life

3) Accreditations

ISO 9001


United Kingdom Home Care Association

We are also accredited by the United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA), which is the professional association of home care providers.

United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA)

UKHCA helps organisations that provide social care promote high standards of care and provides representation with national and regional policy-makers and regulators.


Care Workers Charity

Care Workers Charity

Care Quality Commission

Care Quality Commission

Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends

Dorset Ambassador

Invest in Dorset Ambassador

NHS Choices

NHS Choices

Personal Social Services Research Unit

Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU)

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