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Public Sector Innovative Care Solutions

Public Sector - Innovative Care Solutions

We have developed a sound knowledge and understanding of the needs of commissioners over the last 30 years and are totally committed to providing solution-based services to local authorities and NHS teams across the country.
Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide responsive and innovative solutions to overcome the barriers and obstacles being experienced today.
This was acknowledged In December 2018 when we won a 'Best Partners in Care' award from Portsmouth NHS Trust.
The flexible and adaptable nature of our live-in care model is unique and has a proven track record of successfully meeting patient and commissioner outcomes.
Our dedicated and professional team is on-hand to respond quickly and flexibly to the variety of needs and cases. Where local providers are failing to provide the required care for patients on discharge, our service ensures discharge dates are met whilst patients return home with the necessary care in place.

Capacity Solutions and Bridging Service

High impact, block contract partnership schemes, embedded within NHS and ASC systems.


We can release home care capacity into the system, improving patient experience and flow by:

  • targeting pressure points in community and acute services
  • through admission prevention
  • targeted discharge services
  • interventions to reduce on-going care needs

Prevention and discharge schemes

Our Discharge Home to Assess Service provides a short term intervention using the live-in care model.


It enables safe and timely discharge from hospital; a home based comprehensive assessment and support to achieve re-enablement outcomes for a short period determined by the commissioner.


Partnership working across acute and community services is an essential ingredient to achieving desired outcomes for patients.

Reablement and Rehabilitation Service

Our Reablement and Rehabilitation Service is a short to medium term intervention that uses the live-in care model.


We work with clients and commissioners to develop initial and on-going supports plans to achieve agreed outcomes.


Our experienced staff can step in at short notice or in a planned way to offer 24 hour reassurance and support, increasing the likelihood of improved independence, mobility and community engagement.


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