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Our live-in carers

We have a rigorous process to ensure we only recruit the right live-in carers, rejecting many more candidates than we hire. 

We look for hard-working individuals with a special blend of compassion, common sense, reliability and a great sense of humour. 

We provide comprehensive training for those that make it through the process, supporting and developing them throughout their care career with Agincare.

Always professional, they will strike the right balance between being supportive, promoting independence and offering reassurance. Our care workers are supported by community based managers who continually monitor and coordinate your care and are always on hand for any queries you or your family may have.

What support can your live-in carers provide?

Our carers can support you with anything that’s safe and legal. Below are some of the services that our existing clients use, but don't worry if what you need isn’t on this list - just ask!

  • Personal care eg. getting up, going to the toilet, bathing, washing, dressing, assistance with medication
  • Household tasks e.g. housework, laundry, cooking. shopping, pet care
  • Socialising eg. visiting friends
  • Support to participate in or attend sporting events
  • Assistance with studying or support in the workplace
  • Paperwork eg letter writing or filling in forms
  • Companionship, conversation, trips out, reading etc

Are clients satisfied with the service provided?

We provide a fully managed and regulated service to ensure our services are high quality. We also regularly survey our customers to listen to and learn from their feedback.

Read more about our customer feedback and quality standards.

Are your staff employed or self-employed?

All of Agincare’s care and support staff are employees of Agincare; they are not self-employed.

What will I be expected to provide?

The care and support worker will live with you so requires their own room for sleeping, with a bed, linen and somewhere to hang their clothes. You will also be expected to provide the resources for their meals (unless the funder of your care and support has agreed to include this). You are not expected to provide for any special dietary requirements of your care and support worker.


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