Live-in carer story – Connie and Elena

The heart-warming story of Connie and her live-in carer Elena.

If you’re worried about recovering at home after illness, a hospital stay or a fall, a live-in carer can be just what the doctor ordered – helping you get your strength and confidence back in your own space.

Here’s Connie’s live-in carer story …

About three years ago, Connie went into hospital with double pneumonia. At 94 she was still an independent spirit – a real character, and hated being in hospital.

But when she was eventually well enough to be discharged she had completely lost her confidence about being home by herself, even though she’d been living independently on her own since her husband died 16 years ago.

To support and reassure Connie family members spent days and nights with her, but this wasn’t a long-term solution. So together the family came to the decision that the best thing to do was to get someone to live in with Connie – a professional live-in carer, who could be on hand all the time.

Connie’s daughter Jane talked to us in November 2019 about the family’s decision to arrange live-in care for their mother, and the positive difference it made to Connie’s life.

We decided on Agincare because they took care of everything. With other providers we looked at you had to pay travelling expenses, etc. But we didn’t want any extra complications, just to pay a monthly fee that covered everything.

So we chose Agincare, and Elena came to live with Mum. As soon as Elena arrived she and Mum just clicked. Elena looked after Mum’s physical condition, but it was more than that. They both had the same mischievous sense of humour and were real kindred spirits. They loved watching television together or taking a turn around the block – Elena would push Mum in a wheelchair.

Mum taught Elena to knit, and Elena was able to pick up any stitches Mum dropped. Mum’s quality of life was undoubtedly enhanced by Elena supporting her at home. Elena became part of the family, and together, she and Mum made a great team.

Being at home, surrounded by her own things and having her independence meant that Mum could have visitors whenever she wanted.

There was always someone dropping round for a cup of tea. Mum was perfectly happy with the situation. For her and us there were no drawbacks to live-in care – it worked really well.

Connie and her live-in carer Elena

While Elena was on holiday in Romania Mum’s health deteriorated. Agincare always arranged a care worker to cover Elena’s holidays, and Gina coped brilliantly. She obviously had experience of end of life care and didn’t flap – she just got on with making sure Mum was comfortable and well cared-for.

We could tell that Mum was determined to hang on until Elena returned – that just shows how strong the bond between them was, and how much Elena’s companionship, compassion, care and friendship meant to her. When Elena arrived back at the house Mum said her name. It was the first time she’d spoken in days.

When Mum died a week later she was at home, surrounded by family, including Elena. That’s what live-in care does – it brought Mum dignity, independence and genuine friendship.

We could not have asked for better support.

Agincare’s live-in care staff provide one-to-one 24-hour care to people in the comfort and security of their home, right across England. Support ranges from companionship, personal care, domestic chores, and making sure people get enough to eat and drink, through to more complex care.

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Live-in reablement care is particularly good for people who’ve been in hospital – your consultant will only discharge you if they agree that you’re able to manage on your own, or that there’s the right level of care is in place to support you at home.

Agincare’s live-in care services in all areas of England (Central, South West and South East) are rated ‘good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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