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End of life care

When approaching end of life, most of us would prefer to spend our final weeks at home rather than in a hospital.

You may be concerned about being a burden due to your care requirements or about treatment for pain. However, end of life care at home from one of our live-in carers can provide loving support in familiar surroundings, allowing you to feel more comfortable and secure.

What is end of life care?

Caring for someone with illnesses such as cancer and dementia in their final stage of life can be very emotional challenging. They may need help with everyday activities and will regular medication, as well as help with household chores such as cooking, washing and cleaning.

End of life care at home from a professional, compassionate live-in carer can be the ideal solution for your loved one without the upheaval of moving to hospital or a care-home.

End of life care plan

Our highly experienced and qualified live-in carers provide fully managed and regulated care and will put together an end of life care plan that is personalised to your specific needs. 

Friends and family can visit whenever they want and they can prepare all your meals and look after any pets. Your live-in carer will provide companionship too and support your relatives.

Above all you will maintain control and dignity in your own home in your final weeks and months. 

Our rapid response approach enables us to provide emergency care within 48 hours if your need is urgent.

Agincare End of Life Care Services

End of life care services

  • Personal care
  • Emotional support
  • Managing medication
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Other household tasks
  • Liasing with healthcare professionals

End of life care NHS funding

End of life care funding is available from the NHS as they are committed to providing attentive, high quality care for those who need it in their final weeks and months. The NHS still normally funds end of life care even if you have significant assets.

Peter's remarkable end-of life care story

Read about Peter's miraculous live-in care experience that helped him recover from an end-of life diagnosis.


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“Alin and Dawn provided exceptional end of life care for my wife and made a very positive contribution to making a comfortable and happy home environment. Nothing was too much trouble.” Andrew.