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24 hour care at home

Our 24 hour care service is for people with more challenging or complex care needs who with to remain in their own homes. It provides two live-in care workers, with one mainly active during the day and the other mainly active at night. This 24 hour care at home service is frequently used by the NHS.

24 hour care at home is an excellent solution for people who might otherwise have a lengthier than necessary stay in hospital as it can be used to bridge the patient's reablement. As care is provided in the home by a live-in care worker, it is a truly occupational setting where on-going asessment of the patient's capabilities can be made with reductions in their care package. These can be made in a timely and efficient manner whilst ensuring the patient's safety at all times.

Increasingly, as assessment criteria become more tight, many people are ineligible for funding and private funders are using this service on a respite, periodic or permanent basis. This is especially for relatives who have some form of dementia which has raised the day or night needs beyond that which they can permanently meet.

We have noticed a substantial increase in the number of enquiries we are receiving from the public sector for self-funding clients and this service is also available to them.

What are the costs of 24 hour care at home?

our 24 hour care service is costed on a weekly rather than hourly basis, costing from £1,550 a week, depending on care need. A similiar service costed on a domiciliary care hourly basis would typically cost around £2,500 a week.

What are the benefits of 24 hour care at home?

  • The two live-in care workers provide cover for each other's breaks and for double-ups, so there is rarely any need for additional domiciliary care (at additional cost)
  • It provides excellent continuity of care


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