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Domiciliary Care

Good quality domiciliary care can be a deciding factor in enabling an elderly or disabled person to maintain independence and continue living in their own home. Whether it means giving someone a hand with everyday chores, like doing the housework or helping to wash, dress and feed a person that has a number of physical and learning disabilities, domiciliary care can provide a vital practical and social lifeline. Not only do more people who would have previously moved into residential care now want to continue living in the comfort of their own home, but policy makers see it as good practice for commissioners to develop innovative approaches to meeting clients’ domiciliary care needs.

Agincare recognises this and has developed a range of domiciliary care services that can be tailored to clients’ specific requirements. We have vast experience of caring for people with a range of support needs, from low-level to high dependency and palliative care. At the core of our service is the belief in developing local relationships – we have over 30 offices across the country – which enables us to react quickly to our clients’ changing needs. This focus on local relationships also helps us recruit and retain experienced, passionate and committed staff who know the community they serve.

Live-in Care

All too often commissioners think they have to choose between residential or domiciliary care when deciding the most appropriate care for their clients, but some clients will fall through the gap between the two. For them, live-in care is the third and largely under-used option. Live-in Care enables someone with low, medium or high dependency needs to continue living in their own home by having access to round-the-clock care workers as opposed to residential care. The increased social and political focus on maintaining independence means live-in care now offers commissioners a real alternative when considering how to best meet the needs of this growing group of clients.

Agincare is at the forefront of developing live-in care. Cheaper than the cost of a hospital bed and some residential care, live-in care is a cost-effective way of supporting people with high levels of need such as those with long term medical conditions, acquired brain injuries and terminal illnesses. In recent years, Agincare has worked with primary care trusts and social services departments to develop live-in care services for a range of circumstances; from supporting a young disabled person to take on the challenge of university to giving respite care enabling a relative to take a much needed break. Live-in care workers tend to be the most experienced and committed due to the extra demands placed on the role. At Agincare we ensure our staff work to the client's plan and focus on enabling them to maintain connections within the community.

Home Cuisine

Unlike many other community meal providers, our expertise in the care sector means our highly trained staff are able to identify any problems they notice during contact with their clients. This information is then fed back to the commissioners so that they can act on it. This added safety net not only gives peace of mind to commissioners, but is an effective and efficient way of both monitoring frail clients and giving them as much independence as possible, without the need for a visit from a dedicated care worker. Hot meals, including main and dessert options, are delivered every day of the year. We ensure that any food suppliers used provide a varied and appetising menu range, while dietary and religious requirements are also catered for. We have held a number of taste tests with clients highlighting our commitment to responding to what they want.

We have excellent relationships with our home cuisine clients and are always looking at ways we can work together to improve the quality of the service. The service can also be used to deliver leaflets to raise awareness about health and well-being issues and we’ve even been known to deliver birthday cards and cakes!

Care Homes

In line with our passion and commitment to keep people living full and independent lives, our longstanding experience in the care home sector provides the best possible care for people with dementia or mental health conditions. The decision to enhance Agincare’s range of care services with specialist dementia care homes arose from the demand for this type of care and in recognition that some people do need or choose to go into a residential care home setting.

We feel strongly that the care homes we manage should be ‘traditional’ in terms of size, appearance and location; this is to promote the feeling of community and homeliness in order to maintain a decent quality of life.

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