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Peter’s remarkable ‘end-of life’ story

Receiving home care doesn’t need to mean hordes of people traipsing through your home, with long, lonely hours between visits. Fifty-five year-old Hove resident Peter discovered an alternative - live-in care - and it’s no exaggeration to say that it changed his life.

Despite a long and successful career in the City, Peter found his life, and health, spiralling downwards, towards heart failure, liver cirrhosis and serious malnutrition. Peter became too ill for a transplant and doctors gave him just two months to live. 
Peter returned home, using his NHS Fast Track End of Life funding to pay for two daily half-hour home care visits. The rest of the day Peter was left to his own devices, and he rarely left his house.
Drastic action was needed, and Peter's life changed dramatically when independent care provider Agincare was brought in to assess his needs. They concluded that Peter would benefit more from a tailor-made care plan delivered by a live-in careworker. 
Agincare carefully matches a client and careworker’s skills and personalities, so they can build a strong partnership, working together to improve the client’s all-round health and well-being. Peter’s careworker moved into his home and supported him around the clock, making sure he was eating properly and taking his medication at the right time. 
But more than that, through gaining Peter’s trust, his careworker helped him to rediscover his drive and determination, encouraging him to go outside, get daily exercise and bring some basic routine back into his life.
The support of his live-in careworker helped Peter turn a corner, and just three months later Peter’s doctors were stunned by what they saw when he arrived for an appointment, even describing him as ‘Lazarus’. 
After a year of working together with Agincare, his careworker and other support networks, Peter no longer needed help from the live-in service. He now lives independently, is back in full-time work as an aspiring chef and enjoying being part of his children’s lives again.
Peter is in no doubt that the live-in care service contributed directly to his incredible recovery: “If it wasn’t for Agincare and live-in care, to be quite honest, I wouldn’t be here today.”


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