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Dementia symptoms

Although some symptoms are common to many people with dementia, each person’s experience of the illness will be different. Symptoms of dementia may include:

Memory loss

This particularly affects short-term memory, for example forgetting what happened earlier in the day, not being able to recall conversations, being repetitive or forgetting the way home from the shops. Long-term memory - remembering things that happened in the past - is usually still quite good.

Increasing difficulty with tasks and activities needing concentration and planning

This could be in making decisions or solving problems. Also, in the latter stages of dementia, the person affected will have problems carrying out everyday tasks and will become increasingly dependent on other people.

Personality and mood changes

People with dementia may be withdrawn, sad, frightened or angry about what is happening to them.

Periods of mental confusion

Difficulty finding the right words

An example of this is a person living with dementia describing what an item does instead of using its name, or not being able to follow conversations easily.

A progressive condition

Dementia is a progressive condition, which means the symptoms get worse over time. The speed this happens depends on the person with dementia.

Our care workers are trained to recognise that there may be a greater need to focus on a range of practical issues that will increase as the condition of someone with dementia progresses. Continuous reassurance and support for them, family and friends is a vital part of the care we provide.

Agincare’s specialist dementia care services can make a real difference to the quality of life for people with dementia.


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