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Specialist dementia care homes

Each person’s experience with dementia is unique. Everyone - whatever their diagnosis or stage of dementia - has their own strengths, capabilities, wishes and personal experiences. Our care home staff take the time to understand someone’s life story, their likes and dislikes, then tailor our dementia care to that person.

Although each Agincare dementia care home is different, they all offer a dedicated and practical approach to caring for people living with dementia.

A dementia-friendly environment

At Agincare we understand that people living with dementia can become distracted in over-stimulating environments. We make sure there aren't too many notices and signs, or highly patterned wallpapers and carpets.

We use colour and visual cues, such as giving each bedroom its own personalised front door. This helps residents find their way around our homes.

We use daylight lighting to minimise shadows and make sure there are no shiny surfaces on floors. We keep mirrors to a minimum, unless a resident has a specific request. Background noise is subtle, unless of course there's a specific ‘noisy’ activity, sing-a-long or film night!

Inevitably there will always need to be certain ‘not so homely’ pieces of equipment such as hoists and walking aids. Our homes store these away from resident areas for safety reasons and to help keep that 'home from home' feel.

Outside space at our care homes

All Agincare care homes have accessible outside space, and we encourage residents to get involved in activities outdoors. Many of our homes have created sensory gardens with raised flower beds. Residents at many of our homes grow their own vegetables for everyone to enjoy with their meals.

Quality-centred dementia care

Each care home manager is a leader of quality-centred dementia care. They are supported by Agincare’s own specialist dementia lead nurse. Together they implement evidenced-based practice and follow national and local dementia guidelines and strategies.

The ultimate aim is to promote a positive environment and organisational culture at Agincare that puts residents and their families at the heart of our care.

When someone moves to an Agincare care home we carry out a comprehensive assessment of their needs and abilities. This assessment is then updated at key points during a resident's stay with us.

Each care home builds links with wider health and social care professionals and services, in particular around transfers of care and changing health and social care needs.

We also work hard to develop positive links with our local areas. For example, open days and care talks help break down the barriers between a care home and its local community.

Specialist dementia training

All our employees have dementia-specific training to help them understand the needs of a person living with dementia. Our care homes also have ‘Dignity Champions’ to make sure everyone is focused on the best-quality care.

Our specialist dementia lead nurse has developed a Level 3 Diploma in the Principles of Dementia Care (accredited by NCFE), in conjunction with Agincare’s own training company. This diploma develops and expands the skills and knowledge of staff working in Agincare care homes.

Our dementia specialist also holds dementia workshops for staff and care talks for local communities and relatives.

Is there a dementia care home near me?

Take a look at our care home directory to find your nearest Agincare care home or call us now on 0800 0121 247.


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