Reablement care

If you’ve been in hospital, been ill or had a fall, our reablement care can help you get your strength and confidence back.

If you’re worried about recovering at home by yourself or need a bit of extra support to help you get back on your feet, our friendly and patient care staff will help you regain your independence and skills.

Our reablement care services

We pride ourselves on offering tailored care packages for people, designed according to their needs, situation and wishes. We offer care in three ways:

Talk to our expert team on 01305443115 about how reablement care could make a difference to your life.

What is reablement care?

Our reablement care staff provide personal care and help you with daily living activities and other practical tasks for a limited period. Our aim is for you to regain both the confidence and practical skills to carry out these activities yourselves.

Reablement care is a cost-effective solution for people who need intensive support for a short period of time.

It’s particularly good for people who’ve been in hospital – your consultant will only discharge you if they agree that you’re able to manage on your own, or that there’s the right level of care is in place to support you at home.

It’s personalised to you, your needs and your situation, so you are comfortable, capable and confident of living independently.

Who can benefit?

  • NHS or private hospital in-patients who could safely go home if a hospital discharge care plan was in place
  • People who need high levels of domiciliary care and or sleeping/waking nights care
  • People who need to re-learn essential personal and daily living skills, as it is costed on a weekly rather than hourly basis
  • People who are experiencing confusion following illness/infection who may feel unsafe to be left alone
  • People who are frail and who need intensive support before they can live independently

Agincare’s Rapid Response service for the public sector

We have a good reputation for providing a rapid, responsive and personalised live-in reablement care service to our public sector partners.

We currently deliver services to more than 40 local authorities and CCGs throughout England and Wales.

  • We are committed to providing practical and affordable solutions which enable people to return to or remain in their own homes
  • We always have a bank of trained staff available to consistently and promptly provide high-quality care. Our aim is to complete care assessments within 24 hours of contact
  • We are particularly responsive in emergency situations and can swiftly provide a package of care from the initial contact

Talk to our expert team on 01305443115 about how reablement care could make a difference to your life.