Sleeping nights – overnight care at home

If you would like the peace of mind that comes with a care worker being on hand during the night, our sleeping nights care could be just the support you’re looking for.

What is sleeping nights live-in care?

Your live-in care worker will give you all the support and care you need during the day. But they’ll also be there during the night, to help you.

Care staff need to get rest too, so they can be at their best for the next day. If therefore you need help in the night on more than two occasions maybe our waking nights service is for you.

Call us now on 01305443115 to talk to us about how sleeping nights care could help you.

What are the benefits?

  • There is one live-in care worker in your home, so you get to know them really well, and get excellent continuity of care
  • Knowing there’s someone else in the house can give you and your family great peace of mind

All other aspects of our first-class live-in care service remain the same:

  • The price of a package of live-in care is based solely on an assessment of your needs
  • Our care worker will need a bedroom, somewhere to keep their clothes, and access to a bathroom and a kitchen
  • Live-in care is purchased in a minimum of weekly blocks

If you find that you want a live-in care worker available at all hours, take a look at our 24-hour care service, which brings two live-in care staff into your home.

Sleeping nights home care

If you prefer not to have a care worker living in your home, or don’t have a separate bedroom for them to use, sleeping nights home care could be the overnight care for you.

A fully-trained member of your local home care team will care for you overnight.

Call us now on 01305443115 to talk to us about how sleeping nights care could help you.