Care home consultancy and management services

We offer a range of care home consultancy and management services to support owners of residential homes achieve a range of objectives.

With an experienced and proven management team, we have been running care and nursing homes successfully since 1986.

We provide a full care home management service to owners of care homes, to administrators and insolvency practitioners, and to investors looking to outsource the running of a care home to one of the largest independent care home providers in England.

While there may be other care home consultancy and management companies, our extensive knowledge of both business and care, and positive relationships with partner authorities, means we know how to tackle all aspects of managing a care home.

It is rare to find the full scope of management services, from quality and support functions through to commercial skills and maximisation of profits, by a team who are actually dealing with the daily challenges of the sector and the direct ownership and management of such services.

I’ve used Agincare for the last few years and have found them to be efficient, trustworthy and very reliable. I know I can trust them to run my home properly and they haven’t let me down. If there’s a problem, they are always at the end of a phone.

Meryl Hodder, Crecy Care Home in Weymouth

Outside of Crecy care home Weymouth

Are you considering selling your care home?

Rather than selling your care home, have you considered outsourcing its management? This way you continue to benefit from annual profits and the value of your home increasing over time, while still being able to relax and enjoy your retirement.

We can provide a complete outsourced management package or a more tailored package of support, depending on your circumstances and objectives.

Care home consultancy

Would you like to improve the profitability of your home? We can carry out a detailed audit of your care home, identifying areas for improvement in a comprehensive care home consultancy report. The recommendations aim to increase annual profits and the value of your residential home.

If you would like to discuss our tailored care home consultancy and management support, please call 0808 291 2065 or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Care homes in administration or financial difficulty

We offer a care home management service to administrators, insolvency practitioners and owners of care homes in financial difficulty.

If your care home is at risk of administration, contact us to discuss how our care home consultancy could help turn the viability of your home around.

Our care home management services

  • Senior management care home consultancy
  • Clinical support overview
  • Business/operations review
  • Regular management audits
  • Financial viability review
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Temporary management staff
  • Contractual and regulatory management
  • Marketing and communications
  • Recruitment and HR services
  • Training
  • Commercial and contracts
  • Quality and compliance

Anyone using our services gets a bespoke combination of high-quality care and professional management not to be found elsewhere.

We have been using Agincare’s management service since purchasing our care home in June 2019. We chose Agincare due to their vast experience within the care sector and the style of homes in their portfolio. The level of knowledge and expertise was evident from the seamless transition of managing our service.

Cordelia House was averaging 10 vacancies at the time we purchased, and now averages 2 vacancies (pre-COVID). Our staff team feel happy knowing they have the support functions of Agincare, such as their payroll and HR departments, as well as their very hands on Operations Team who the team know very well. We will definitely be using Agincare’s services for our next acquisition.

Cordelia House, Fareham

Cordelia House Care Home in Fareham - garden

Back-office care home management services

We can also provide back-office services such as:

  • Payroll, including e-payslips and BACS payments
  • Managing holidays, pensions, travel and expenses
  • Workforce trends, staff surveys and absence monitoring
  • Finance and accounting
  • Monthly management accounts
  • IT support
  • Purchase order system
  • Supplier lists for utilities, furniture, insurance, PPE, food etc.
  • Mystery shopping exercises to support sales and marketing
  • Submissions to HMRC

The Agincare Team have been really approachable and reliable to work with, covering a range of specialisms. We have worked in partnership with them for the back of house function of our business primarily and tapped into some of their other resources and specialisms.

They are very experienced and knowledgeable within the industry and are happy to share ideas.  Boutique Care Homes are very satisfied partnering with Agincare.

Priya Bhayani – Boutique Care Homes

If you would like to discuss our tailored care home consultancy and management support, please call 0808 291 2065 or complete the contact form below.

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